Cooling collar for dogs


    FEATURES:Keeps your dog cool for hours. Reduces heat stress + fights fatigue.


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    Cooling collar for dogs

    Dogs can't sweat. They pant to regulate their body temperature. The hotter it gets, the harder they have to work to keep themselves cool. Dogs just want to chill.They'll need extra help during the warmer months to keep them staying cool.

    Cooling Collar is the comfortable + safe way to combat overheating, reduce fatigue, prevent heat stress + alleviate dehydration.

    Simply moisten cooling collar with colder water. Cooling collar is made with a unique blend of breathable + lightweight materials that allow it to retain moisture for hours longer that an ordingary sponge or cotton towel.

    Cooling Collar even has a built-in leash hole so your dog can stay cool on the gol.
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