2016/04/05 | pakcare.newsgroups

All the staff in the spring,a memorable trip-the yunwu mountainer scenic spot!

In March 2016, winter months of hubei waking, wuhan spring is gradually warming.In the bloomy spring season, BaiKai creatures of all employees in the busy work organized a "tour" the yunwu mountains spring, enjoying the spring flowers and the mountains inmore


Innovation reward commendation congress 2016 excellent employees...more

Packaging workshop, production line of good staff - AERLSA...more

BaiKai biological and staff care action...more

2016.04.28 | pakcare.newsgroups

Pakcare, we proud of you, proud as a member of the team - xiaogan day violet lake scenic spot passio

Pakcare, we are proud of you, proud as a member of the team, perfect appraisal 48 hours xiaogan day violet lake scenic area …more

2016.04.26 | pakcare.newsgroups

Spring production safety, strengthen the fire control safety! BaiKai biological spring fire drill

On April 20, 2016 in the afternoon, accompanied by a quick alarm began "BaiKai biological spring fire drill" activity.Hear the sirens, each department manager immediately reach the designated position, fast evacuation guidance department staff, bent, cats …more

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